Top 5 smart parenting podcasts to press play on now

For everything on parenting teens, marriage, screen time and mental health, look no further than these edutaining podcasts.

When you’re somewhere in between “where’s my therapist?” and “is it Friday yet?” we know just the trick. It’s not that you’ve exhausted your tools, moms and dads, but a friendly reminder moment that you may just need some new edutainment inspiration. Let’s cue up our top 5 favorite smart parenting podcasts (pulled from this and that), shall we?

  1. Your Teen with Sue and Steph – snackable and comforting for a 30 minute carpool ride, this one’s a spinoff of Your Teen Media, also an online pub and print magazine. You’ll find a whole host of parenting experts.
  2. We Are Family – from the same creators of Parents, this podcast celebrates every kind of family under the sun, leaving nothing behind (like LGBTQ parenting and adoption, IVF and blended families)
  3. Marriage and Martinis – Stressed about raising teens and keeping your marriage afloat? This one’s definitely for you.
  4. Their Own Devices – An Obama White House tech and privacy advisor in convo with an adolescent medical doctor brings you all the tips you’ve been waiting for on screen time, sexting, privacy, online gaming and more.
  5. Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting – A New York Times Adolescence columnist and best-selling author co-hosts this show on all things mental health and parenting during COVID-19.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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