The right dose of screen time may be an antidote to stressed out kids

Don’t underestimate the power of technology on short term stress relief amongst teens

Science thinks so. New research in the journal Clinical Psychological Science shows that teens (aged 13-17) from low socioeconomic neighborhoods who spent “a moderate amount of time online after a stressful experience deal with adversity far better than those who spend many hours online or avoid digital technology altogether.”

Oxford University would probably agree.

I thought the opposite was true.

You’re not wrong. Tech is typically vilified as the bad guy wreaking havoc as addiction, depression and anxiety amongst our kids. That’s definitely the consensus in legislator and regulator circles.

Yet, the picture isn’t clear. A professor and senior author of the study said “it is too early to make any conclusions on the relationship between teen tech use and mental health and way too soon to be making policy or regulation.”

Apparently, we may have underestimated the power of tech on mental health (in the right dose, of course).

Written by Tiffany Wen

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