Parenting smarter, not harder is our vision for raising the modern day family

Perfection over progress is what parent prototyping is all about.

We launched Apparently in 2021 just in time for Back to School, which as we know is a whole other game in this post pandemic world. In case you’re new, we are the newsletter-first community for smart parenting.

During the pandemic, the waves of relief followed by stress have become all too normal.

Our founder is no stranger to the joys and heartaches of modern day parenting. With back to school just doorsteps away, he reflects,

“I find relief in my kids getting back to structure, friends and community. On the flip side, the alarm bells are real with the Delta variant and safety concerns always top of mind. I think it’s inevitable. Uncertainty is the new normal, and we all have what it takes to learn resiliency and make the best out of the worst.The positives outweigh the negatives, and that keeps me going.”

That’s why we started Apparently

Our motto Parent Smarter, Not Harder is our joyful declaration that parent prototyping is what this whole adventure is about. It’s not about perfection — it’s about progress.

We genuinely believe that running a family of any size is something that requires tremendous patience, hard work, management skills, negotiation skills, budgeting skills, sales skills, storytelling skills, and galore. There’s no end to how many hats you wear.

Some of the most qualified and skilled business professionals will admit that their day job pales in comparison to their REAL full time job of parenting. Trial and error and hard work are baked into professional adventure — no business leader, executive, or business professional will tell you that they are perfect.

The same is true with parenting. It’s a struggle and blast, it’s stressful and super exciting. We all make mistakes, but in the end, we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Are you a parenting expert curious to contribute?

Parent counselors, social workers, therapists, mental-health experts and consultants of all kinds — the door’s open, and we want to hear from you!

We’ll be rolling out a section in our weekly newsletters dedicated to the burning questions of the everyday parent. They ask, and we tell it like the edu-tainers that we are. We’d love for you to share your expertise with our community.

Submit your inquiry and ideas and we’ll get in touch.

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Written by Tiffany Wen

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Parent Smarter, Not Harder

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