On Smart Parenting with Toby Price

Dad of two autistic kids talks about his parenting adventures and how becoming a father changed him.
on smart parenting with toby price

We love therapists. We also love real life parents who, as they say, ‘are flying the plane while building it.’ Day in, day out.

Toby Price is one of these parents, who doesn’t just support kids at home (three of them to be exact) but also at school where he plays assistant principal. At home, he’s got his hands full with three kids. Two have autism and one was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

If there ever were a black belt in parenting, I think Toby would’ve smashed it already. This dad’s been through it all. From raising neurodiverse kids to reframing the crazy into adventure (“McKade tried to ride a kangaroo and got kicked all the way across the pen…it was awesome”), Toby’s got a whole lot of sage wisdom to drop.

Apparently, what makes your kids happy will be different than what makes you happy.

  • Parenting makes you vulnerable (and that’s a good thing)
  • Give your kids as many new experiences as possible (even if it ends up as a #fail, there’s always something to learn)
  • Stay grateful for what you have because no matter what, someone out there is praying to have what you have

Follow Toby Price @jedipadmaster for inspirational guidance on raising kids with autism.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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