October newsletter roundup: smart parenting edutainment

Teens that rule the world, facing the awkward talks, neurodiversity, body positivity and all the Gen Z rage.

📫 Teens rule the world (let’s get used to it)

Smells like teen spirit, the virtual future of education, and unplugging with your family in the Great Outdoors.

📫 It’s time to face those awkward talks

Introducing Smart Parenting Sessions and why modern fatherhood is getting a long overdue makeover.

📫 It’s time to face those awkward talks

Humanizing kids with autism, top 5 smart parenting podcasts, and how to trick-or-treat safely this season.

📫 99 problems and body positivity ain’t one of ’em

From body shaming to positivity, the real meaning behind TikTok’s DeviousLicks & Squid Game re-enactments, and debunking the health halo.

📫 It’s all the Gen Z rage right now

Schooling up on the NFT craze to support your kids’ safety, ADHD as neurodiversity, and smart parenting with Toby Price.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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