Modern fatherhood is changing thanks to the pandemic

How to support dads everywhere as they step up their parenting and family game.

Hands up if you’re feeling this too! Thanks to the pandemic, we’re seeing new dad dynamics playing out. In short, WFH lifted the veil and made fathers everywhere realize “all that had been missing for him in terms of being an active part of family life, playing and connecting with his kids.”

Perhaps this realization is just coded in biology itself. A 2013 study would agree. “Dads teach their children important life skills through the father-child relationship…seeing men play different, flexible roles helps both boys and girls to think about their own lives with less rigidity and more optimism…dads are crucial role models for sons, and their positive regard benefits the self-worth of their daughters every bit as much.”

History nerds, this one’s worth a shout

Fact: Since 1950, government research into fatherhood has paled in comparison to things like NASA programs and moms? $600 billion for NASA and $10 billion for moms VERSUS $15 million for fatherhood. Why dads feel ill-equipped, insecure and even emasculated around stepping up their parenting game is no conundrum when you do 1+1=2. SO, where do we go from here?

  • Let’s turn to the experts…hey, moms! No need to reinvent the wheel here fams. Dads, ask your partner about how she connects. Take her cues and follow her lead if you need a little extra help (ex: do your kids benefit from structure and clear direction? Get involved in meal plans, HW time and nighttime rituals).
  • Know yourself and model the best for your kids: after all, you can be your kids’ greatest hero. Know they’re watching and learning from you more than you think.
  • Cozy up with a tissue and read these love letters from dads everywhere.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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