The smart parenting mini-habits tracker for 2022

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Smashing your 2022 goals got a whole lot easier

Let’s be honest, setting New Year’s Resolutions is the easy and fun part. Sustaining them when we lose steam….well, join the 80-90% club where resolutions typically fail after an average of 6 weeks! 

That said, it’s high time we flip that script. What kind of parent do you wish to become for the most important people in your life? Light the match on the million dollar question so you can focus on who you want to become to get you there (as in: identity-based habits). Once you’re clear, it all comes down to actions.

Studies show that thinking your way into feeling motivated is way less effective than putting pedal to the medal and acting first, leading us to part two of the million dollar question – what if it could be easier to rock your 2022 goals (hint: too small to fail) without waiting for lightning to strike? 

Lucky for you, we’re here for that…and you. Welcome to your smart parenting mini-habits tracker for the 2022 win!

What’s included in the 2022 smart parenting resource guide:

  • Introduction: How to rekindle your 2022 goals
  • Sample mini-habits tracker: how to use this for optimal results
  • Monthly mini-habits tracker: start practicing now and every month after

Protip: We’re wired to accept smaller and easier behavior changes. Science agrees, showing “too small to fail” is the name of this game. 

Let’s hop in and get started! 


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