Introducing our Smart Parenting Toolkit to transform old habits

Where growth mindset shifts meet habit-building practices to parent smarter, not harder.
Smart Parenting Toolkit

No worries, you won’t need your wallet for this one. In the spirit of the holidays, we wanna show our thanks to you moms and dads for your support ever since we got started. For that, we’re gifting you, your friends, and good neighbors down the street a Smart Parenting Toolkit (at no cost) to help transform old parenting habits into healthy practices for the whole family!

Why ‘keeps on giving’? Smarter (not harder) parenting is coming in with the good, the bad, the ugly. No mistake or growing pain is left behind. When two of our favorite things like growth mindset shifts and habit-building join forces, we believe making change gets a whole lot easier. Apparently, practice makes progress towards stronger connection, emotional growth and mental fitness with your kids for the long haul. It’s not just a sprint, but a marathon.

Human first, parent second

Pressing pause on old habits is where we’d start. Are the words “oh they’ll get over it” on autopilot when your teen gets upset or angry about something? How about commanding and demanding when exhaustion pushes you to the edge of sanity? Or wondering why your kids don’t confide in you anymore?

Apparently, your habits are running more than 40% of your life

Or as habit houdini and bestselling author James Clear says, “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”Translation: get clear on the parent you wanna be, and work backwards. Prototype smart practices for healthier connections all around (oh hey there, early New Year’s Resolutions!).

To break it all down, we’ve rounded up our favorite expert-backed tools in one place with three amazing partners in the parenting world: Teen Brain Trust, Dr. Dana Dorfman, and Janell Bitton.

  • Introduction: What is Smart Parenting by Apparently
  • Practice 1: Validating Your Kids’ Emotions by Teen Brain Trust
  • Practice 2: Inviting vs. Commanding by Janell Bitton
  • Practice 3: Opening Communication with Your Kids by Dr. Dana Dorfman
  • Worksheet for Smart Parents

You can always access it here. If you love what you find, help us spread the goodness to more parents that wanna level up too!

Written by Tiffany Wen

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