In the age where mental health matters, winning is no longer a black and white game

Emma Radacanu and Simone Biles are both superstars.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad (or not so bad news), but there’s no straight answer for what “killing it” looks like. Apparently, that’s a good thing!

Winning is a whole new game in 2021. Emma Radacanu’s Grand Slam victory is just on par with Simone Biles’ decision to walk away from the Tokyo Olympics (aka “it’s okay to not be okay”). Both achievements are legendary.

Grit psychologist and certified school psychologist, Caren Baruch-Feldman preaches truth: “I think it’s really hard to be a teen today. Teens feel things really strongly, so when they have failure, it can feel crushing.”

Word. So how do we help our kids balance the scales of winning and mental health-ing?

There are no hard and fast rules. BUT, these are some of our favorite tips to share with kids:

  • Flex your growth mindset with the powerful word “yet” (ie: I’m just not there…yet)
  • “Grow your inner belief” of what you’ve set your mind to do and make each day count (you go girl)
  • Consider these pros and cons of quitting with your teen (and embrace the grey)

Written by Tiffany Wen

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