How to plan your family’s next backpacking adventure

Take advantage of the fall and enjoy the Great Outdoors with your teens.

If you’re a virgin to multi-day hiking adventures, you’re in good company moms and dads. Planning epic outdoor trips with teens isn’t always a walk in the park. Especially if they’d rather spend their weekends swiping screens and Netflix-ing with their friends in sweats.

Apparently, planning something adventurous in nature is way easier than you think.

Especially, when you have this beginner’s guide for backpacking handy. Here’s a quick checklist to avoid the common pitfalls:

  1. Choose the right trail
  2. Know which gear to bring
  3. Consider the safety essentials
  4. Plan to keep your tweens/teens engaged

On that last point, there’s loads of edutaining books and podcasts you can load on their phones ahead of time in case anyone’s having tech withdrawals along the way. Take the opportunity to remind them to slow down and smell the roses. Be sure to get going before those leaves start to fall. Happy explorations, fam!

Written by Tiffany Wen

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