How to keep the family safe against Omicron

While the details of Omicron remain to be seen, here’s a not-so-surprising list of precautions and protocols to keep top of mind.
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Omicron is kind of like the Grinch that stole Christmas. Just when we thought we could kick up our feet and call it a year, we’ve now got a whole bigger fish to fry. With family gatherings coming up and inflation cutting into wallets everywhere, we know it can feel like a stressful time all around. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and boiled down the essential nuggets of both a familiar and foreign-ish situation (so you don’t have), starting with:

The only clear answer is no clear answer…yet

We know that Omicron is <1<more transmissible> than the OG Covid, but a detailed comparison with other variants remains to be seen. That said, the pros have given us the greenlight on how to keep you and your kids healthy and safe in the meantime.

The school debateIf you’re torn about whether to pull your kids from school, consider the real and damaging effects of isolation and learning from home. <2<Socialization and IRL learning> are not to be taken lightly! If your kids are healthy, you know the drill (masks + social distancing).

Not vaccinated? Definitely get started now. It’ll take 5 weeks for full protection to kick in.

Jabbed twice? The booster is recommended. If you’re already covered, practicing pediatrician Dr. Jason Terk tells us to cross our t’s and dot our i’s: get the flu and influenza vaccines for extra points on protection all around.

If you’re all sorted: we applaud you! Keep up the good work, and help others get on board, as in: mask up with the KN95 or N95 and get tested frequently especially if anyone in your house starts to show early signs. Avoid large crowds, keep washing those hands like it’s early 2020, and practice the tried and true social distancing we all know too well.

Yes. We. Can!

Written by Tiffany Wen

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