Fall entertainment ideas for the whole family

Look no further than ‘Sweet Girl,’ ‘SPIN’ and ‘Black Widow’ for weekend fun.

Looking for some inspiration for the whole gang, or simply craving some quality alone time on the couch with this season’s 33 new and returning shows?

You’re welcome.

  • Sweet Girl: Jason Momoa’s out for justice against Big Pharma, and he’s bringing his daughter along for the ride in Netflix’s newest No. 1 film. The best part? The only reason he nailed the part is because of his own real-life relationship to his daughters. Cue up those father-daughter movie nights!
  • SPIN: Your classic Disney coming of age story with a BIPOC twist. Rhea, an Indian-American high school student discovers her newfound love for DJ-ing while juggling the balance of her father’s expectations, friends and working at her family’s Indian restaurant. Wholesome-certified.
  • Black Widow: If you’re wondering if this Marvel film is kid friendly, you’re not alone. With themes of female trafficking, action and violence typical to any Marvel classic, this one edges on the darker side though it’s rated PG-13 for good reason. Be sure to catch this one in theaters though if you want to support Scarlet Johansson!

Written by Tiffany Wen

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