Education Has a Future with Roblox and Virtual Playgrounds

For kids to thrive in today’s workplace, gaming apps like Roblox and Minecraft could have an educational advantage.

I know it might sound ludicrous, but before throwing tomatoes at this, let’s see Roblox for what it actually is.

No longer just a gaming app, Roblox has grown into quite the behemoth. Since its IPO, this “virtual playground” has amassed 200 million monthly users. Two-thirds of US children aged 9 to 12 are playing it. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Roblox hosts more students every month than ALL school-going kids in the US, UK and Canada combined!

Basically, top-down schools need a makeover

If the idea scares you, consider this:

  • Students entering the workforce no longer need to “fit into” company culture to be successful. Developing the muscle of creativity, critical thinking, self-direction, management of resources and deep focus among other skills are what matter.
  • These are precisely the benefits of sandbox games, like Roblox and Minecraft. If all this sounds like a foreign language to you, you might want to brush up on the lingo and benefits your kids are receiving as we speak.
  • Teachers and content creators who contributed content on Roblox in 2020 received over $250 million in payouts.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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