Dogs can read your real intentions more than you think


There are a thousand and one mental health benefits for why we should have pets, especially in pandemic times. While telepathy with our furry friends may not be one of them (yet), we’ve likely reached a new frontier in animal intelligence.

A new study by the DogStudiesLab “addresses a huge question about whether animals have a theory of mind.” Basically, they’ve designed an experiment that proves dogs can know the difference between a human intentionally withholding a treat or reward (“sorry, not sorry”) and a human who is unable to actually provide that treat (“sorry for the glass wall between us, no can do”).

Apparently, dogs are the greatest companions (and furry mind readers) of our times. “Their sensitivity makes them very special and maybe they can even understand intention.” Talk about accountability buddies for things like integrity and holding up our promises.

If you and the kids are in the market for emotionally-satisfactory furry companionship, you’re surely in for a mental health treat.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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