Cooking Christmas dinner for the family just got a whole lot easier

A cheat sheet from your favorite Top Chefs includes meal prepping, sharing out age-appropriate jobs and prioritizing taste over anything else.
family cooking

Hosting Christmas dinner can feel like an extreme sport, but it doesn’t have to. Remember, ordering in is completely acceptable. On the off chance you’ve already signed up to feed 25 hungry bellies on Christmas Day, you can follow these sweet pro tips to sidestep any panic attacks over burning the turkey.

These UK Top Chefs share their hacks, so you can divide and conquer like a total boss:

  1. Cook your turkey the day before if you’re going for meat that’s “fully rested, super-juicy and succulent.”
  2. Meal prepping the sides (think sprouts, cabbage and gravy) is not a bad idea either.
  3. Share out the jobs (aka get the kids involved in age-appropriate ways) to take the stress off you. If Gordon Ramsay can delegate out to his 2.5 year old, so can you!
  4. Don’t shy away from ready-made, shop-bought goodies like pudding.
  5. Prioritize taste and ditch plating or presentation for optimal taste bud heaven.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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