Celebrating the holidays as a family without losing your mind

From self-care tips to life editing hacks, here’s how you can make the most out of your holiday season.

If you’re a recovering (holiday) perfectionist with a to-do list that can’t stop-won’t stop, consider this your permission slip to chill. Holly-jolly times are indeed ahead, but really…there’s no better time to edit. Yes, become an editor of your best life ahead of 2022! I repeat: smarter doesn’t equal harder.

“We think this is the perfect way to ‘live with ease during this time where everyone is supposed to plug back in,’…we’ll do that in our holiday pajamas and look like crazy people walking through the neighborhood and we just don’t care.” Preach, Kristen Bell! Lucky for her two tween girls, they’ll be shimmying in jammies wondering, ‘what’s a perfect holiday anyways?’

Life editing is one way to hack

Metaphor aside, editing actually works wonders. Once we override this silly illusion that a perfectly cooked turkey is the make or break of a White Christmas, we can start to enjoy life. Aka spend time with the ones we love most.

So back to editing. As you envision the festive weeks of mistletoe and warm apple cider ahead, what do you most wish to add, modify and delete altogether? Anything deserving of a copy and paste? In case you wanna exchange notes, we’re already on it.

Apparently, it’s best to fill your cup first before anything else

Until this becomes breaking news, let’s make this our best life mom-tra. This and other winning edits for you, yours and smart moms and dads everywhere:

  • Add positive affirmations into the mix (your kids can join in too). For when you hit those bumps in the road or wanna prevent them with mood-boosting reframes altogether, there’s an affirmation for everyone – even your New Age-y allergic friend.
  • Modify the mindset that you have to be perfect. You might be your worst critic after all. Take it from this mom who turned her meltdown completely around. What could’ve been a total Christmas fail became the best Christmas ever, and you can do it too.
  • Delete the pressure to say ‘yes’ and ‘I’ve got it covered.’ You don’t have to do it all!
  • Copy + paste ALL of these self-care hacks you can work into your busy schedule today.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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