Beware the Halloween health halo and embrace eating candy instead

Is giving out healthy Halloween candy the better choice? Nutritionists debunk the myth.

Apparently…not. According to nutritionists, embracing a healthy-ish Halloween doesn’t necessarily mean going cold turkey on sugar OR giving into the ‘health halo.’ In other words:

  • Don’t just fall for labels that claim to be: made with less sugar, natural sweeteners, keto, low carb, or the latest superfoods. Sugar-free washing is a thing. These buzzwords are also guilty as charged for things like cavities and poor nutrition.
  • Deprivation might backfire as overeating: if they don’t get their annual fix, your kids may naturally make up for it behind your back and overeat large quantities of candy. Translation: 99 belly problems and body positivity ain’t one of them.
  • Guilty pleasure obsession is damaging: it’s simple. Those who celebrate eating candy over those who don’t (and feel all the guilty pleasure feels) are less likely to develop body image issues later on.

Treat: healthy-ish brands for Snickers alternatives

Obviously, if your kids have pre-existing medical conditions related to blood sugar control, go for low-sugar options. Otherwise, here are some healthy alts for trick-or-treating.

Written by Tiffany Wen

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