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If parenting can be one of the more stressful jobs on this planet, can it also be the most rewarding one too?

Welcome moms, dads, caregivers of all kinds and parents-to-be! Apparently is a newsletter-first curation hub that educates, entertains and enriches the inner parent optimist. We’re building the community of families who parent smarter, not harder. Think of us as part coach – part best friend, bringing a weekly dose of guidance to your inbox with content that’ll make you laugh, learn and grow with your teens and tweens. We dance between the clinical and casual.

Why Apparently, now?

With COVID, the intensity just magnified a hundred fold. Living under chronic uncertainty, everyday became a test of both how best to keep the family healthy and teach my kids about building resiliency. All the while, doing my best to stay afloat and finding my own personal sense of normalcy through the thick of it.

Everyday, our kids are changing (hello, hormones) and so is the world around them. There’s no pause on parenting. We read all the right best-selling books, find all the right therapists and pour hours into strategizing how to “get it right,” which makes it way more stressful than it has to be. Instead of trusting in the flow of parenting, we try to perfect futures that don’t yet (or ever will) exist. Parenting harder is the old story. Parenting smarter is our declaration that:

  • It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, so trust in what you don’t yet know
  • It feels a whole LOT better to accept that your kids will become who they’re meant to be, even if it’s different than how you expected
  • There is freedom in letting go of what we think is best for them, and supporting what is actually best for them

Not to mention, more millennials and Gen-Zers are writing off having kids altogether. If parenting can be one of the more stressful jobs on this planet, can it also be the most rewarding one too? With the right community and support system, perhaps raising a beautiful family is actually THE most exciting adventure of our times.

Apparently is here for that, and for you.

Welcome to our community!

Are you a parenting expert curious to contribute?

Parent counselors, social workers, therapists, mental-health experts and consultants of all kinds — the door’s open, and we want to hear from you!

We’ll be rolling out a section in our weekly newsletters dedicated to the burning questions of the everyday parent. They ask, and we tell it like the edu-tainers that we are. We’d love for you to share your expertise with our community.

Submit your inquiry and ideas and we’ll get in touch.

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Written by Tiffany Wen

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