Our Story

Hi, I’m Aaron, founder of Apparently and a parent to a tween and tweens to be! We launched Apparently in 2021 just in time for Back to School, which as we know is a whole other game in this post pandemic world.

Apparently is a newsletter-first curation hub that educates, entertains and enriches the inner parent optimist. We’re building the community of families who parent smarter, not harder.

Think of us as part coach – part best friend, bringing a weekly dose of guidance to your inbox with content that’ll make you laugh, learn and grow with your teens and tweens.

Why Apparently, now? As a family man, I know how stressful and joyful parenting can be. With COVID, the intensity just magnified a hundred fold. Everyday I watch the news and notice how many more millennials and Gen-Zers write off having kids altogether. If parenting can be one of the more stressful jobs on this planet, can it also be one of the rewarding too? With the right community and support system, perhaps raising a beautiful family is actually THE most exciting adventure of our times.

Apparently is here for that, and for you. Our motto Parent Smarter, Not Harder is our joyful declaration that parent prototyping is what this whole adventure is about. It’s not about perfection — it’s about progress.

I genuinely believe that running a family of any size is something that requires tremendous patience, hard work, management skills, negotiation skills, budgeting skills, sales skills, storytelling skills, and galore.

Some of the most qualified and skilled business professionals will admit that their day job pales in comparison to their REAL full time job of parenting. Trial and error and hard work are baked into professional adventure — no business leader, executive, or business professional will tell you that they are perfect. 

The same is true with parenting. It’s a struggle and blast, it’s stressful and super exciting. We all make mistakes, but in the end, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Apparently, the week just got better.

Who we are

Founder, Aaron Schiff

Writer (and Parent-thropologist), Tiffany Wen of Resonance

Creative Director, Mattia Montanari of Resonance

Marketing Strategist, Sebastian Alvarez of Noventaynueve

Developer, Sebastián Cardozo of Ranker

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Parent prototyping is how we jam. Transparent content and an optimistic attitude are our promise to you. We live for the reframe that the impossible is always an opening to adventure. 

To that end, we welcome all feedback and suggestions to deliver the sweet spot between clinical and casual for your weekly edu-tainment round up. 

Have feedback or editorial inquiries to share with us? Looking for more context on a particular topic we’ve already published? Are you a therapist or parent expert looking to contribute original content? Or a brand wanting to join forces and expand the community? Apparently, we are here for all of it.

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