10 indoor bonding activities your teens will love

As the countdown to cold begins, we’re getting ahead of schedule on fun things to do with the whole family.

Bonding can feel tricky when you’re competing for attention with your kids’ weekend hangs and dates. Don’t let those eye-rolls and pouts get you down, there are more ways than we can count on one hand to get those creative juices flowing. For starters:

  1. Make and have dinner together
  2. Movie night (it’s not too early to cue up Hocus Pocus)
  3. Plan a concert date
  4. Co-work together
  5. Start a book club
  6. Hit the gym
  7. Volunteer project for a passionate cause
  8. Spa & treat-yourself day
  9. Get crafty with a home improvement project
  10. Bust out of the board games

And don’t forget…

  • For middle schoolers: their hormones and inevitable outbursts make bonding a teeny bit harder, so let them lead. Carving out 2-3 hours of bonding time over the weekend will do just the trick.
  • For high schoolers: they’re busy practicing being adults, so don’t be surprised if they show more interest in friends than spending time with you. Seize those mundane moments for exclusive fun!

Written by Tiffany Wen

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